Birthday #2

As I said earlier I would update later with pictures and news on Erin’s surprise dinner. Erin was my roommate freshman year and when you first meet her you would not at all think she is a whole year older than everyone else. Well she is, and she is a triple…super cool right? Erin’s birthday originally is in June, but because none of us will be around for it we decided to do something for her. Her boyfriend TJ, Liz, Annie, and I planned it and Erin had no idea. She was extremely surprised and dinner was great!


As soon as she arrived she had to get pictures with everyone. Thank god my camera batteries lasted just long enough!

Liz and Erin

Erin and Tj

Melina, Erin, Annie

Erin and Kelsey

Erin, Kelsey, and myself

After dinner we came back to our room and had cake! A cake I baked, a funfetti cake…they are probably my favorite cakes of all time. But that is for another post. So along with our cake Liz so generously shared some of her watermelon with us.

You may not be able to tell, but on this cake I organized the candles to say 21!

Liz attempting to cut the watermelon

She did it!

EAP and Liz


I sure do know how to ruin a good picture.


TJ & Erin

Sorry EAP

Me with the fabulous cake after we all had some. 


Me, Liz, EAP, Annie, and Erin

YUMMY watermelon – “Liz”

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