Well now that I am back at school and back in the swing of things I figured I would write a post about easter. Well easter was interesting in the Welch household. We arrived around 4pm to my grandparents house where not only were the appetizers flowing but also the drinks. As the “adults” sat down to eat some apps and have a drink the kids were off on an egg hunt. It is the same every year, each child gets a different room. This year we each had five eggs with a dollar each in them. I was off my game and could only find 3 eggs at first. I enlisted the help of my grandfather and dad, as my grandmother insisted I was to old for help and I didn’t deserve it. With my dads brilliant eye sight an egg was found within the first minute of him walking into the room, I had even checked in that spot so I was a little miffed. Oh well….after about 15 minutes everyone had found their eggs and we could all enjoy the appetizers. My grandmother makes this amazing cheese dip (so bad for you, but SO good) and we had shrimp cocktail. At our house if you want shrimp you have to make sure you get it before Thomas gets to it because he will eat the entire platter. After appetizers we sat down for dinner, it was easier to serve everyone buffet style so we marched to the kitchen to find heaven. 

As you can see I did not “stuff” my plate. I wasn’t as hungry as I thought I was going to be, as well as the appetizers filled me! Well along with dinner came lots of things, like one: Thomas always having to be the life of the party.                                                                         


So as Thomas acted like a class clown while throwing out one liners…such as the one he said to my sister: So Sam isn’t swimming in the kiddie pool anymore? Everyone got a laugh out of that one. Don’t worry, Michael had some funny things to say as well, but one moment that I caught on camera was Michael almost overfilling his cup and then getting excited to drink it.

After Michael’s fiasco we continued eating and I snagged some pictures of my wonderful dad. He wasn’t to pleased about this, but I did it anyways…one day he will thank me. I also snagged a picture of Elizabeth and Thomas while my grandmother had her eyes closed.

After I harassed my family a little bit more it was time for desert. My grandmother made two deserts. A pudding pie as well as brownies so we could have brownie sundaes with HOMEMADE hot fudge sauce…..YUM. As well as desert, my family harassed me with pictures. Overall it was a good night with lots of laughter, but I am glad to be back at school even if it is for two more weeks! So crazy to think I am halfway through my college career…I am two decades old….I am studying abroad in England next fall (I have never been to Europe)….I am applying to a new job (crazy scary)….and I will be looking for internships soon. My life just seems to be flying by without me even noticing. So here are the rest of my pictures from Easter!!

I guess if you don’t know my family you may not find these funny, but they actually are. So now that I have bored you with my awesome family, I will post next about the delicious bbq chicken pizza I made for dinner tonight! 


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