BBQ Chicken Pizza and The Foobar Restaurant

So no pictures to go with this post unfortunately. My camera died and I haven’t had time to run to the store to get new ones. Thursday night I convinced my mom to make bbq chicken pizza because I was craving it. The ingredients are very simple and are based on your liking. I promise you I will be making this pizza as soon as I return to school and I will upload pictures as well steps I used to make it. Super yummy and if you like bbq pizza I suggest making this. As for other food. Yesterday I went to visit some friends from high school at UNH. I met my friend Hilary at her apartment and we went to downtown dover for some chinese food. She got sesame chicken and I got chicken chow mein. THIS JUST IN….CHICKEN CHOW MEIN IS NOT THE SAME AS LO MEIN!!! I was not pleased to say the least. Never again will I get chicken chow mein. Oh well. After lunch I went to my friend Taylor and Alicia’s room where we waited for Sam to come pick us up for dinner. Taylor decided we would go to the Foobar Restaurant in downtown Portsmouth. The food was delicious and the atmosphere was nice, only bad thing I was freezing. At the Foobar we all got something different. We started out with a hummus platter and Alicia got a margarita salad (although she only ate the mozzarella cheese and the tomatoes). For dinner I got a lobster BLT and it was so good! Instead of normal fries I got sweet potato fries and the change from normal fries was delicious. Taylor got Guinness steak tips (I think the only reason she got it was because of the broccoli). Sam got the ginger Salmon. That was my second option for a dinner and she said it was really good. Alicia got vegetable scampi telling us the entire time….if this isn’t pasta I’m going to be extremely angry with you guys. It was pasta don’t worry. Last but not least we got wrangled into desert. I was completely okay with that because as soon as Taylor said they had fried Oreos I knew I needed to have them (once again I have an issue with how much I enjoy Oreos). It came with four Oreos and each of us had one. The waitress was really nice and gave us each two scoops of ice cream to go with it. I decided that I need to learn how to master making fried Oreos and just found a recipe. Well that is all for now, all I know is I cannot wait for all the delicious food tomorrow and promise to take pictures!!


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