Because I Need A Good Grade In Theology

Tomorrow I have an 8am theology quiz. The last one of the semester, they usually aren’t to hard, but I don’t want to under prepare! I started making my study guide Saturday, but got sidetracked so this morning while I was at work I finished it up. This study guide is a total of 9 pages of notes….holy smoke! Oh well when it came time to start studying around 6 tonight I got hungry. I had leftovers for dinner and decided it was time for a snack. So I grabbed the one thing I have that is really sweet…..the Oreos. 

Currently I am taking a study break to one: write this post and two: watch the new lifetime movie William and Kate. I don’t know if any of you are aware, but the royal wedding is next week and I can’t wait to devote WAY to much time to watching everything on tv. I love lifetime and this gives me a good excuse to get my roommates on board with watching. Other than that nothing is happen, I just need to finish memorizing my theology notes and hit the sheets.


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