Another Brownie Post

Hi Readers,

I figured I would post something today and I remembered I had a picture from a batch of brownies I made earlier in the school year for a bake off. Mind you this was before I started obsessively reading food blogs so it was just a recipe my mom and I had come up with. My mom makes these great “mint” brownies and I didn’t have time to run out and get all of the ingredients. So instead we decided to make peppermint brownies.

– brownie mix (all the eggs and oil that go along with it)
– bag of miniature peppermint patties

Time to get started!
Step 1: Preheat oven to 350 degrees
Step 2: In a bowl mix together the brownie mix with the eggs, oil, and water)
Step 3: Place brownie mix in a baking pan and place in the oven
Step 4: Cook for however long it calls for on the box
Step 5: When brownies have 5 minutes left take them out of the oven
Step 6: Place peppermint patties over the entire top of brownies
Step 7: Place back in oven for remaining 5 minutes
Step 8: Take brownies out and spread melted peppermint patties so all of the brownies are covered

This brownies are extremely simple and really yummy. A total crowd pleaser! Although we didn’t win the baking contest (our floor-mate Justine did) everyone enjoyed the brownies and by the end of the first hour they were completely gone!


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