im back…for now

hello fellow readers.

I know I haven’t been around lately, but SO MUCH has been going on. I believe the last time I updated you was before my spring break (over three weeks ago). Well don’t you fret I will get you all caught up in no time. I have decided to abandon the 30 day photo challenge and just upload pictures as I wish. So I just checked and the last time I blogged was while I was on the plane to Phoenix. That was so cool, I had never been on a plane with wireless internet, and it was awesome. I could get a lot done. Out of all the 5 flights I had to take to and from Mexico, that was the only one with wireless. Oh well without it I got a lot of reading done. I read three books over the span of my week long vacation. I started with Sweet Little Lies by Lauren Conrad (a typical beach read in my opinion) I thought the book was good, she can write. The second book I read was called Commencement by J. Courtney Sullivan, this book was extremely good. I like books where each chapter is told by a different character. It just keeps me intrigued that way and I will read a lot faster. It was funny and had a lot of whit behind the stories, a review actually said it was the Prep (a book written about a girl going to private school) of college and life after college. Lastly the third book (that I just finished last night) was Firefly Lane by Kristen Hannah. Another book that is told from different views that I loved. I am big on books about friendships because I believe life is all about our friendships and that they are not always as easy as we would like them to be. This story told the ups and downs of a friendship that lasted over 30 years and ended tragically. Overall I believe my book choices were made well and I am definitely going to continue reading Kristen Hannah’s book the next one I want to read is True Colors.
Alright onto spring break the real party. Mexico! Mexico was so relaxing and so much fun. It was awesome hanging out with my cousins that I don’t get to see a lot as well as my brothers. Now that I am in college I barely talk to them and only see them on breaks.

I enjoyed multiple drinks while there are they were ALL delicious. Thanks Mexico for having a drinking age of 18. This all around fun trip has inspired me to go back senior year with my friends. I CANNOT WAIT!!
Now that I am back at school things are in full swing. Tests and papers galore. I just finished a deadly theology paper. It consists of 5 pages on who Jesus Christ is. Probably one of the hardest papers to write ever. But it is over and that is all that matters. Onto the next paper I need to write for my understanding lit class. After my papers are done I can enjoy the exam I have in finance and the stellar universe next week. It seems like the work will never end. 
As for that not much else is up. I made a fantastic cheesecake this weekend. Here is the link, if you like chocolate turtles and pecans this is perfect for you:

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