remember whensday

I guess I’ve been completely slacking on the blog front. School has been so busy and it feels like all I have been doing is running around trying to get everything done and organized before SPRING BREAK!! Yes spring break one of my favorite times of the year!! On Sunday night I will be in sunny Mexico enjoying a drink on the beach, life does not get much better.
I’ll make this a short one today because I know I have a lot to say but I just don’t have the energy to do it. I thought maybe if I blocked I would be motivated to do my homework, but I don’t see it working out that way. Anywho picture of the day. Day 13: a picture of your favorite artist or band. At the moment I can’t think of my FAVORITE person, but I chose P!nk because she is so freaking badass and I admire that.

Also because its remember whensday, remember when pink sang lets get this party started?

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