real recognizes real

BEST CONVERSATION OF MY LIFE with Ms. Kim, conclusion that we all came to: if you DON’T like loyola, just leave bitch. No one wants you here anyways. Anywhoooo Nora has been tweeting all night and I don’t see her stopping anytime soon, maybe her blog should just be about quotes she wishes to tweet about.
Accounting…will…be…the….death….of….me! Never considered more about switching my major, why we have covered 4 chapters in the span of 5 days, while every other class has gone through 2 chapters is beyond me. On another note, two quizzes and a test in sequential order…what are you thinking Ali.
I guess I should upload the picture for day 6: A person who you would love to trade places with

Yes she is a little larger than most people would like to be, but that is not the reason I chose this picture, nor was it because I don’t ever want to look like that. I chose this picture because as I have been watching the biggest loser this season she has been so motivating. I wish that I could be like her, a girl in her 20’s that in the past year has lost OVER 100 lbs, on her own. She started her weight loss journey on her own and never gets down on herself. Every time she steps on the scale she has something positive to say, I have never heard anything negative come out of her mouth and I don’t expect to anytime soon. Courtney is who I would trade spaces because I would like to have her self confidence, and her self motivation, and her love for everyone and everything around her, she never takes anything for granted, knows what she wants and how to get there.
Other than that nothing is going on in the wonderful land of Katherine. Oh I guess it is hump day, or remember whensday (get it?)! 
Love and Rockets,

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