First off, my biggest pet peeve. People who add others on facebook that they have never met. I don’t want you to add me on facebook if I’ve never met you…it’s creepy. We were never friends, aren’t friends, and I don’t see us actually ever being friends. Just because we have friends in common does NOT mean we are friends….it simply means we know some of the same people. So to the boy who added me because he is best friends with my friends boyfriend….you’re dumb.

Second, I can always count on my sister for stupid love songs slash songs about boys. So as I creeped her on facebook, updating myself on her million status update today, I noticed a song as her status. Looked up the lyrics and to be honest its not a half bad song, and its not directly saying that you love someone. Its cute….good work Elizabeth. Here is the link to it: Perfect Two- Auburn

Third, the dreaded major change! Recently the thought has been running through my mind of changing my major. A very tough decision, but one that ultimately needs to be made soon. As a current accounting student I am struggling with the professor I currently have. To make matters worse, he is my advisor also. On top of all that in order to study abroad I need to take a Intermediate Accounting 1 course this summer. So I’ve have been stressing over that. Finding schools that offer the classes and are AACSB accredited. Of course there are only two school in NH and one is over 2 hours away and the other isn’t offering the class….huge fail. BUT if I switch my major I no longer have the issue of taking a summer course and I can de-stress a little. In other news I had an accounting midterm and have absolutely NO idea how it turned out, so I will be peeing my pants for the next 5 days until class on Tuesday.

Lastly, picture of the day. Day 7: A picture of your most treasured item

Well it isn’t quite an item, but my family is probably my most treasured item. Sure there are a lot of things I would really miss if I didn’t have something or lost something, but without my family I would be completely lost and no item can fix that. I guess you could say each person in my family is a different item. Every item my family has given me is what I treasure the most. 
Well thats all for now, if anything important happens in the next 12 hours I will surely update again.
Love and Puppies,

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