waa waa waaaaaaah

First things first! Nora was bitching that I didn’t include her in this weekends blog post, EVERYONE I DROVE NORA TO THE AIRPORT! She is also bitching about that fact that I am not good at grammar.
Yet again something I already knew, so forgive my grammar mistakes.
Second things second: frush – a friend crush; someone you wish to be friends with…interesting term, I am going to start using it
Third things third: question on the day! is adjectivitis a word?

Onto the photo of the day: day 5 – a picture of your favorite memory
Well that is extremely hard because I have so many memories, but I am going to pick a picture from prom because it was one of the bigger events that is a fond memory.

This picture was taken at Taylor’s house before prom and a ton of us girls went there to take pictures. This may have been the beginning of the night, but there are so many more memories that pictures can’t even describe. I just want to thank everyone for making prom awesome and a good way to end senior year. 
So what else is going on. Hmm on the study abroad note, finished all my paper work and ready to hand it in EARLY…go me. Finding classes to take in the summer is stressing me out to the MAX, why must it be so difficult and why can’t UNH offer the one freaking class I need. On another note classes are starting to get really busy and I don’t like it because its Nora’s birthday this weekend and my birthday the next weekend. 
On the talk of birthdays, just got Nora a great gift she better love. Also my mom just bought me the two workout dvds I wanted…is she trying to tell me something? Well the 30 day shred is going well and I finished day 4 today, Jillian may be kicking my ass, but it doesn’t matter. All that matters is how it will pay off when I’m in Mexico.
In other news: The Book of Job does not seem interesting and I have to go read that now before studying for my two midterms in the next two days and my two papers for the two days after that.
Love and Kittens,

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