A picture of your night

Hmm well this is a hard one to do: Day 04 – A picture of your night
My night was not very interesting and I didn’t really do anything. I am currently at work, have been since midnight. This picture is going to explain how I spent my night, but I will not be in the pictures. Thats right I said pictures, two of them to be exact! 

Tonight I spent my night watching two movies. The first movie I watched was Love and Other Drugs. I really wanted to see this movie while it was in theaters, but it never ended up working out. So today I decided I would watch it! The movie was extremely funny and romantic and all that jazz. I would definitely recommend it, but some say I don’t have very good taste in movies. The other movie I watched was Knight and Day, I am currently watching this as well. Although it hasn’t held my attention the entire time, it has been decent. I mean I’m not a HUGE Tom Cruise fan, but I do love Cameron Diaz. I guess if I hadn’t been doing my homework while watching I may have enjoyed it more, but I guess I will just have to wait and see the next time I watch it. 
So I am currently at work and BORED out of my mind. This is one of the worst shifts to take, and of course being the awesome person I am this wasn’t even originally my shift, I COVERED FOR SOMEONE. My roommates are going to a spin class at 7am tomorrow and I can’t join because I am at work and won’t get enough sleep to function for it. I wish I could go though, maybe on Wednesday. 
In other news: I have almost finished all my stuff for study abroad. BUT I can’t find the class I need to take in the summer anywhere near home…bummer. I have sent numerous emails and I’m PRAYING someone emails me back with good news. I thought I originally knew what I wanted, but now I am completely changing my mind and confusing the crap out of myself.
Ahhh the pecan crusted chicken. CAME OUT FANTASTICALLY!! Deliciously moist chicken with roasted pecans atop it, probably the best thing I have made in lets say forever. It will definitely be made again. Well that is all for now, I am getting off work in 5 minutes and should start putting the computer away. Goodnight to the people going to bed and good morning to the people just waking up.


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