What a splendid weekend

First I will start with my photo of the day. Day 2 – A picture of the cast from your favorite show

So its not a picture of the cast, but currently I am addicted to the bachelor. I am actually always addicted to the bachelor when a new season comes on. I find one person who is also mildly obsessed (nora) and we talk about it every week. So this picture defines my favorite show. 
In other news: the cookie dough balls came out FANTASTIC! As well as the cookie dough balls I made a cheese dip for today (the superbowl). The ingrediants sound disgusting, and its probably the worst thing you could eat, but it is SO GOOD. Tonight I am going to make pecan crusted chicken from the biggest loser cookbook ( I will keep you updated).
Yesterday I took my roommate grocery shopping and ran into target to get printer ink. While I was in target I passed by the workout section, I always love looking at the new DVDS. Well the girls down the hall have started to do the Biggest Loser Bootcamp DVD and I decided I wanted something like that as well. So I bought Jillian Michaels’ 30 Day Shred. Last night was my first night and today I am completely sore. My goal is to continue this every day!
Well that is all for now, the weekend is slowly ending and I am not looking forward to getting back to classes tomorrow, even though my first class isn’t until 2pm. Ciao 

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