First Post!

So I found out I was going abroad next semester and I knew immediately that I wanted to start a blog to keep everyone updated on how I was doing. I’ve been getting so excited filling out paperwork, picking classes, and mentally preparing myself that I wanted to start my blog early.

My first issue was the name of my blog. I’m going to be honest, I am in no way creative, so I entrusted the help of my friends. Nora had nothing to say, to busy watching Greek and Erin had to much to say. One option she gave me was, The Kat’s Meow. Exactly what I chose the title to be. My name is not Kat, but Katherine. I haven’t even been called anything but Katherine, except ever since high school my friends started getting lazy and just shortened it to Kath. So I guess I will answer to Katherine or Kath. I guess you could say the reason for “kat” is because I was a cat for halloween this year and thought it was a good idea to meow throughout the night as well as whenever I want to aggravate someone.

My next issue was deciding what to write about. My life isn’t all that interesting and nothing HUGE is going on at the moment. The whole reason for the blog was the study abroad aspect, but I haven’t even finished sophomore year yet, I guess I am just getting WAY ahead of myself. So I decided I would start with a 30 day photo challenge I found on Facebook. Basically each day (of whenever I have time) I will upload a photo with a description. I shall post the first picture in the next post!

Well I guess this ends my first post. Sorry to anyone who is reading this, you probably won’t get to much out of it, but if you need something to procrastinate with such as I am doing now, feel free to hit it up.


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